If you look at the photos on my folks walls I guess they are the same as yours... cheesy fake smiles, splochty backgrounds, mullets ... oh I was an 80s kid, we had matching mullets sporting a trendy fleece jumper, purple my colour of choice! Even better my mums knitted jumper with a giant colourful boomerang and AUSTRALIA across the front, flamin' beauty mate!

Moving a little more forward, is it white t-shirts blue jeans? Cheesy smiles.

White backdrops, some more of those same fake smiles, crew cuts. 

Or worse still, NO photos!

Don't get me wrong, I stinkin' love those photos, okay so I admit we didn't go as far as the white shirts and jeans, we weren't that fancy. The one my mum spent ages getting my hair neat just to static right back up there...the hand-me-downs... the story of my Dads awesome moustache. 

I love that they are a story of our growing family, just it only captures our faces, not our characters.

Things have changed; well they are changing. Now you can dress how you want ..let's think coordinating rather than matching. You can choose your location. You can laugh loudly with your people, look at them (preferably), and capture the real you, and them. 

You can RELAX and ENJOY!


And then the outcome is like this...


They look happy, right?! 

We're all going to have our ups and downs in the days and weeks, but its those ups that keep us going through the downs, its what we need to remember and SEE to keep going, keep loving keep smiling.

And if you knew this bunch like I do, you’d know that they are the most full of love… ups downs and all x