As I've slowly warmed my body to the bone, I've also fed my soul.


Trips home to Australia are a mixed bag for me. I love it. But it takes time for me to find my groove, readjust to reality and find balance.

Four weeks in and I think I'm there, I should be right?!


One of my priorities of holidays is always reading. My mum left a book on my bedside table, I began to read while I laid next to Jack to comfort him to sleep in this new place.


Josiah is a boy with Autism, he cannot speak, but instead sees heaven, and communicates this with his mum. Amazing. (It's a true story)**


There are so many gold nuggets which are planting in my heart. 

Mostly though this line;


Let's try OUTLOVE each other.


Could you imagine it? Like in real life, trying to outlove your partner, child, friend, colleague, even your ENEMY. Well obvs you'd win against your enemy. But, I was thinking, wouldn't that be so much gentler on our spirits, on our tired weary minds? Because I kinda find myself doing the opposite, not intentionally, but almost justifying why I should feel so hard done by, or why I shouldn't...instead of why I should...what can I add, instead of take away. Are you with me? 


I'm still human, and totally going to fail at this at times but I think building up, giving to, creating an atmosphere of grace is what is in need in our world, I'm my life. 


Melinda x



**Josiahs Fire by Tahni Cullen is the book.