I think it comes at this time of year as we push ourselves trying to create Christmas perfection, making sure it's fun enough, there's enough gifts, the food is tasty enough... making sure I'm festive enough. And it's all enough to drive you to breaking point, because we can't do all the things, not without other things going without..
So if feel my mind and my body calling to slow down. 
I see it everywhere with #slowliving and #slowcollectives but what does that mean? Because things need to get done, right?!
I feel so many of my conversations and thoughts are filled with the word busy.. too busy. 
And the question is, where do we start?
What do we cut back? What parts of life do we want full and which can be a little lighter on, to give us space to breathe?
For me 2016 was filled with creative leaps, loads of photography, driving, and when possible to for school collection..I was usually running. The only reason my children got enough veggies was from my loving Paddy Family and as that may seem like a small thing it's significant sign to the rush in the year. 
Time to edit. Refocus. Refresh.
Life is far too short to rush.
My hope for you is your new year is just that.. a new start, a deep breath of fresh air and while ups and downs are inevitable may you have the space to deal with them as you need.
Melinda x