My Human-ness,


Six years today. Ive been a mum for six years today.

She was a surprise, I beautiful welcomed surprise. 

I say it all the time but i could be driving down the road and look in the rear view mirror spot two kids and be like ‘Holy crap, when did they get there!’

My first few months, years of mothering were hard. Really hard.

|I spoke to my mum recently about the pressures of motherhood, the expectations.  And after raising 4 children of her own, (generally) socially capable, happy, healthy children. Her conclusion is we just expect too much of our selves and each other. 

I know this has been written before, by many women, but we are still in this same place going over the same thing.

We are human. We tend to be inpatient, selfish, anger quickly, get hangry. I get SO hangry. 


Be kind to yourself and I think the rest will follow…


Melinda x


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