There was a man lying, dead, on the road.

Then he moved his head, and then an arm. Turns out he wasn't so dead, just drunk, having a little nap on the road. 
'Welcome to Cavan' I was told with a hearty 'haha'!

So life in general is somewhat different. I work now. Well part-ish time. I didn't think I was a working type mum but it turns out now I am. And I'm a better mum for it. I enjoy my kids more, I enjoy my days off more, I like using my creative gifts and my brain. I enjoyed the season I was home full time with my kids too. 

Seasons change.
I now wear at least 3 layers of clothing. 
All the time.

The first day I got back to work, school photography, I had a school of 220 children to take photos of. I was a tad nervous. It took me all day, I was exhausted!
The last day of school photos this term I had a school of 300, I finished by lunch time 
I totally high fived myself!
And rightfully so. When we challenge ourselves and then go ahead to succeed, gosh it's good. 

The downfall to this new expedition in life is my amazing husband and baby-daddy, building genius that he is, doesn't cook. So coming home from long days with no food a well let's just say 'Hangry' is a medical condition. 
'So we'll just have toast' he says. 
So you'll just have two black eyes, I think.

Change is still happening. We are still adjusting. My house is looking beautiful. My children have settled. The dog still pees on the floor a little. My heart is still somewhat heavy. 

But we are so blessed and we will hold firmly.

Merry Christmas Folks.

Melinda x