It's raining its pouring, my old man is snoring but neither little bow peep nor all her lots sheep could right now help me fall asleep..

They say in babies that sleep promotes sleep. I feel the same about creativity. 
I've now had a full week to slow down.
I've cooked endless batches of cookies and eaten far too many myself.
This week I started crotcheting for the first time in over 6 months. He's the wonkiest boxy fox, but he's given me a kick start back into creating stuff. 
I need to create stuff, it's in my DNA next to the 'hangry' gene. 
And now I need to do more. I am looking forward to a new year of big creation, goal seeking and hopefully reaching.
I think just pre-Christmas where the start of faith lies is a perfect time to stir up ourselves. 
Reignite dimming flames. 
Fill up our buckets where hope is dry.
Draw near to family and friends who encourage, lift and fill us with what the year has taken from us. 
And then when the in my opinion over hyped New Year dawns...
We are full, recharged and ready to hit it running!