I haven't written for a while.. I suppose I like to write uplifting positive things and the truth is..
Moving is hard.
Moving countries is harder.
Moving countries, with children and starting working after a long time of not working with a renovation in home, is enough to feel surrounded with fog. 

And only after a few days of driving to work surrounded with actual fog.. like thick, can't see in front of you fog, makes you focus more. To see that after a while is not foggy any more..
I arrived in a town the other day and the whole drive was foggy, then I arrived at this little town and the sun came out. 
Fantastic I thought.
I got out if the car and it smelt like poo. Someone took advantage of the sun and sprayed crap all over their farm. 
I held my breath and set up at the school (for photos). 
It got me thinking about this stink.
This fog.
This weight I got up with every morning.

Well for starters the stink that dude sprayed all over his farm was for fertilisation so the cows could eat it, so we can have milk and meat. Okay kinda fair enough, I though. Annoying but fair enough.
That fog.. Well it was thick in one town but gone in the next. And as I drove back home again, it was still floating in a town on the way.. It comes and goes and there is sunshine in between and a chance for a tan even!
Adjusting to our new lifestyle is hard. It's different and change isn't easy but doesn't mean it's the wrong direction. Stinky, sight limiting and tiring but not necessarily the wrong direction.

I'm greatful for the loving, kindness and the goodness. 
It's just harder some days to focus on that with little sleep and a sore heart.

Melinda x

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