When big things are somewhat pressing, find hope in the little things.

Before we left Perth we the pastor prayed 'let them find hope in the little things, and hold onto it when the big things are too much'..

And little things for me... 
Great seats for the twenty hours of flying. Flying with littles is stressful, any extra comfort brings hope.

Sun rays beaming through the window as we drive the motorway to Ballyjamesduff in Ireland. Oh! Sun rays in Ireland are hopeFULL.

Cousins being instant best friends, hope for the lonely days.

Children settling into their new beds so sweetly, a mamas best hope. Hope for continued sleep filled nights!

Local faces giving free coffee when the bags under the eyes cannot be hidden. COFFEE in any form.

A field full of wild flowers and cows and ponies. Smiles for the outside when the inside isn't so..

And cups of tea. 
Endless cups of tea with people we love.

Recognise and Hold onto hope.