A whole lot of lemons have been dumped at our door, figuratively. It's hard work to make lemonade from this many figurative lemons.

It's tiring.
It's discouraging.

You see someone I love dearly is unwell. 
I whole heartedly believe they will get better. But in the mean while, as they go through the healing journey, I have to move overseas. 'Have to' as in that's the decision we've come to weighing up all life's pros and cons... Still feeling not grown up enough to have to make these life decisions..

Two separate friends have told me that what ever decision I make I must own it and never 'what if'. 
And as I wait for a huge sign to confirm my decision is right..instead I had an epiphany.. Of sorts.


No matter what we do HE IS and always will be. 

I strive to act with Trust, Grace and Faith.
It's time to go all in, believe it.
I can no longer stall on my being overwhelmed of the unknown. 
I must latch onto His promises. 
I must go all in.

How about you?

And what is true?
Regardless of my decision, God IS. 

Melinda x

|Daniel 3:18... Just before the three fellas were about to be thrown into the furnace...|