It's not a new concept to me, more like an awakend one.

When we were children we gathered  stones and set them in a circle. Then piled sticks in the middle. Dad lit them and we toasted bread and cooked eggs and sausages over the fire.
We sat on the Roo Bar holding on for dear life as we drove at least 100km/hr - maybe, probably 10km/hr driving down gravel tracks. Best ever. My dad says, and I agree, this was a good investment. 

Life currency spent well.

As plans A and B seem to drift and all the stillness in the world are not concluding, life currency sits and waits.
Money is Super handy, yes. Nessecary, yes! But. 
It can not manipulate or articulate the perfect plan. 
However much patience grows in the mean while. 
And as I find myself surrounded in days where what I eat is the only thing I can control, here I find the need to refinance my life currency. Actually no, I knew how it should be spent but now I know the reason.
I directioned fulfilling my dreams and gifts with cash gain. 
I now redirection |the sister band to One Direction| with a cash bonus to fulfilling my purpose.
How excellent and how encouraging to myself that with a slight view change I seek to profit a new goal. This also eliminating frustrations from outside comparison, competition, pressures and doubts. 

I choose to spend my Life Currency fulfilling my purpose. 
I choose to spend my Life Currency bringing joy.
I choose to invest my Life Currency well. 

| Life and life in abundance |