There comes a time in the whole process of moving where you just have to look yourself in the face and say..'Okay woman, you're just bloody procrastinating now!' As I sit down to write and drink a cup of tea oops! 
Irrelevant how super cute that new tea mug cosy is it is essentially not nessecary and your husbands certainly is not! I can and will totally still claim my 'wait til the last minute theory and idealism' 


Idealism is not reality.

Ideally we would eat chocolate cake for breakfast and never get fat!!

Ideally they would have created that hover board they promised by now and be working hard on, and just putting the finishing touches on, a Teleporter! Beam me up Scotty!
Ideal but not reality.

Ideally I would like to go for a wee by myself, with no little visitor prancing in and asking nonsensical questions.
Ideal but not reality - although I am totally impressed that these little people of mine have a sixth sense of perfect 'interrupt mums wee' timing!

And obviously more than anything (like I've said a billion times) ideally all the people I love to spend time with lived in the same country. But realistically could I live in one place for the rest of my life?!

Sometimes we need to let go of the reigns of our Ideal and appreciate the beauty and opportunity of our Reality...Or perhaps what our reality is teaching us about being idealistic...otherwise you will wish your days away on what is to come.

Thanks for listening to my feels' 

Melinda x