I have a new motto. 
'Don't do today what you can put off until the last minute - when there's coffee to be drunk and cards to be played!' 
A little long winded but you get the picture! 

Let's be honest I've always been a bit that way, I work better under pressure but...
The waiting has come to its pointy end. Three weeks til all of our belongings are shipped so two more weeks of sitting here in pounce position. The only thing I will need to do is sort things into sections - oh plus the monotonous everyday chores - the down side to having your house packed for you. I'm not ungrateful, super happy in fact that I don't have to pack all this crap up for the fifth or sixth time in as many years, but all this stalling has driven me to trackies on the couch mode. Well it hasn't gone as far as 'trackie mum' at school so we're safe for now, just a warning! 

I do very much appreciate that this part of the journey is slowly rewiring my priorities. Sitting at my sisters house, with dishes looming at home, I sat a little while longer, laughed a little bit more and sung a few more lines. Returning a few days later to do it all again. Dishes can wait while these memories are being made.

Let's not have to wait until our abundant time is minimising with loved ones to sit a little longer and laugh a little louder. 

Melinda x