Oh! So there goes May...
Hmmm so I disappeared for a month there it seems..

May was filled to the brim. I find it is now a very serious necessity to fill all plans out in my diary. I am filling days with coffee and friendship.. And lots of time consuming errands.
What I have though completed with such joy is all the bookings for our 'Aussie Conaty Adventure' catchy isn't it!!?
You may call us crazy, we may very well call ourselves crazy by the end of this short trip. But it has to be done! 
When we leave Perth we will be flying to Amsterdam, staying for three nights kicking jet-lags butt and riding bicyclesdown the pretty canals of the olde town past flower markets, oh yeah! 
There suspect a lot more Jet Lag fighting and more coffee drinking than bicycle riding but I have high hopes.
We continue on by train to Brussels where the chocolates are plenty and the waffles are a must for breakfast. A trip so some big shiny balls in the centre are a must I hear.

After three more nights we will take another short train trip to the one and only Paris. Oh Yes! I cannot wait, I loved it the first time and can't wait to share it with my loves the second time. A sunset cruise past the Eiffel Tower, banana and chocolate crepes and the endless beauty that surrounds that is Paris. Obviously our littles will be angels appreciating the art in life and drinking in the French culture...errrm obviously! 
Two nights later away the Euro Star will be whisking us through the tunnel to London Town! 
Refreshingly drinking tea with familiar faces, not to miss the Camden Markets and perhaps even Peppa Pig Land if Little Miss has any say.

Touching down on Irish soil three days later.
Can. Not. Wait.

Let's just pretend no goodbye will need to be said before this..ignorane is bliss!

So what your favourite stops in these place, favorite foods or just a must do selfie?? 
I would love your suggestion. 
And if you haven't been.. Live vicariously through me until you book your ticket.

Ps. I am not as naive as this post suggests, I can see most days playing at parks and finding food..but that works for me it's still an adventure with my people.