Patience is a virtue.


You'd think after a year (well let's say 4 years) of crazy non-stop action, I'd appreciate a break. But, when I hear someone I know gets a huge creative opportunity I am totally envious at the same time as being totally excited for them! It's happening all around me.
Pick me. I want to do ALL THE THINGS now! 

It seems to be the theme of this season of my life.
Patience with the kids. Oh patience with the kids!
Patience with monotony.
Patience waiting for the next stage.

It's like that last two weeks of pregnancy, that wait is extraordinary! 
So much expectation. 
But that last two weeks is uncomfortable and exciting and anxious and seem to last FOREVER!

Why can't we sail with the patience necessary through these seasons? Not pushing through them. 
Because when they are over, we are wishing for some nothingness time. 
Appreciating our little people with out their own overwhelming agendas. Well, besides painting, play dough making and tea parties. I can toally deal with that. Appreciating the free time to coffee date with friends. What more could I want?!

Sometimes to write it out, and read it back is the best process. Oh Yes! A true 'Ahhh' moment!! (Or perhaps a 'Derrrr Moment!!')


Ps. Can't wait to fill you in on our little adventure planned for our trip home soon!