It seems over life I have made a few bad choices.
Bad bad haircuts.
Bad, terrible in fact, fashion choices.
Wet-train-ticket (as my Dad would call them) boyfriends. Lucky I fixed that with a super husband choice!!

But most of all at the moments I reflect on are the poor sighted decisions I've made when it comes to life's tricky situations.

Several years ago something happened I backed off from a friend when I really should have stepped closer. Several years before that I should have given a friend better advice, perhaps that she may have not appreciated at the time. Or in the everyday when I get cross at my little people and pull away instead of drawing near. 

I acknowledge, in this, that hind sight is a beautiful thing. But slow steps into decision making is a much better thing. Perhaps making decisions having thought out the whole senario may be more wise.
There are two sides to every story, after all.

Even though the situations I could not control, my part in it I could have, and I can.

Wisdom and Knowledge.
The difference is significant and life changing.

What if we could combine Wisdom and Grace in life? Instead of just crude fast acting Knowledge. 
How our reaction to both simple and complex situations would benefit. 
And more importantly the people we know and love would too!

I see a cosy merry-go-round  theme in these posts of late as I reflect on the year that's in it. 
Patience. Slowing. Grace. Rest. Refresh.

This brings me to our next step.

End of July off we go...