Brave/: (verb) having or displaying courage, resolution, or daring; not cowardly or timid.

'You don't have to be brave all at once just a be brave one little step a a time' 
       -Sporticus |Lazy Town|

Who am I to talk about Brave?! 
The girl who cried, homesick at sleepovers.
The girl reading her oral presentation to the library teacher, because just the thought of reading it in front of the whole class created a mental collapse and vomit in mouth.
The girl would rather stay in her room than face a house full of people.

Recently I have realised that if I had my childhood in this present day I would not have been referred to as 'the shy girl' but 'highly anxious girl' who just happend to deal with it by crying outwardly, unknowing to others short of breath and heart pounding on the inside. 
And if approached this way perhaps it wouldn't have taken me until my early twenties to be brave. 

Do we, though, create ideas of ourselves that we ourselves need to lose? 

One of my favourite things about living in a country where nobody knew me is that people didn't have any preconceived ideas about me, say from what the knew of me as a child or teenager.
They may though have created ideas of me from my dreaded hair and foreign accent?!

Do we defeat ourselves before we start the race? 

I will though call the waiter if my food isn't right or some other unjust first world problem.
My friend on the other hand will not, she would eat the cold meal! 
I am creative.
I can dance.
I can cook.
I enjoy doing things on my own.

Do we underestimate the the things in which come naturally to us? 
These very things which others find self conscious or challenging.

Do we underestimate the challenges that we have already overcome, however small
We are so quick to forget these things which have accomplished.

 What is your BRAVE?

 Know your strengths

 Know your purpose

 Go on.     Be Brave.   It will totally be worth it.  

I promise.

Oh and drink coffee, I for one am a far better person and totally better mother with it!!

Melinda xx