All our stuff fits into a 20 foot shipping container. 
Everything that makes our house a home. Everything which creates our atmosphere.
The Aussie Conatys.

She strolled into each room checking off and making notes of our belongings. Are you taking that dressing table are you taking that side table, the laundry basket, that picture frame.
Even though we made a list of the things we will leave last night I didn't consider whether I'd take the laundry basket, to Ireland. 
Will I need that laundry basket in that house?
As we strolled into Amayas room, I couldn't remember the outcome of the lengthily conversation about her single bed I had with the Mr. So I said 'Yeah, we'll take it!' Then she continues about the bed linen, of coarse were taking the bed linen, I just didn't think about it. 
About these little things.
Our little comfort things. 

Someone once asked how the kids will manage with all this upheaval? I replied that they would only know it's not the usual if we made them aware. Their foundation of comfort is within the family.
This Faith-filled family. 
I really stand by that thought, that belief, it is my comfort. 

On a Lighter note, I have decided who I want to play me if they made a movie of our life. The younger me would be Jennifer Lawrence a good balance of dorky and tough. She would play me in the early years of my life together travelling through SE Asia and such. I'm not sure who would play young Niall [i have since asked him and its Jonah Hill apparently] but Gerard Butler would definitely play him in these Dilfy Daddy years. At first I was going to have Katherine Heigl be grown up mother me, she's sweet and pretty and just enough goofy too, but then I decided Hell No! I will be playing me so I can cosy up to Gerard Butler... I'm sure Niall wouldn't mind.

What about you? 
If you haven't yet, you should really think about this. 
It's really softens the bigger decisions in life.