Today, I didn't think of moving. 
Everyday I think of moving. But not today, not until now.

| photo by Amaya Conaty aged four |

We've got some fairly seriously great plans and things which are going to happen after July, after we move back to Ireland. I have two note books filling up with awesome plans. I have a family of in-laws who I love and really fantastic friends, that I can't wait to spend time with. I have a beautiful home waiting for me to get stuck into renovating.
I have a sore heart. Because as much as all this wills me forward, brightens the future, I have people I am so dearly going to miss, in the everyday. The little moments.

In the early hours one day in May 2007 I stepped onto a taxi bus, where I shuffled to get a seat. I did not consider that with the fella I sat down next to sweeping me away with his charm and his 'it's only t(h)ree fields away' smothered in accent, I would be doing this crazy life long dance between two countries. And how blessed I am to have this option, but it really hurts my heart to say goodbye to one family, that I love, to see my other family, that I love.

So as I awoke to breakfast in bed, train rides, milkshakes, Giants and pizza, I did not think of leaving. I did not think of saying goodbye. I enjoyed the day. And it was really bloody nice.