As I faffed about in the kitchen, post school-drop-off-food-shopping-put-baby-down-for-nap-coffee-and-Nutella-toast-break, I realised I'd been talking in my head to myself for a very, very long time. 

I swished and bopped along to covers of songs by darling Artists, shook my toosh to Paolo Nutini as I unpacked the dishwasher. Singing loudly, [not really] nailing those harmonys dooowooop! 
Feeling elated as I smelt my toasted muesli doing its delicious thing in the oven, then continuing on to mix up a sweet cinnamon treat for my darlings when they come home. Concocting a a garlic chilli salt which I have not a clue what I'll use it on..but it's very pleasing to the eye.

A well rounded morning, I remarked to myself.

Balance. Moderation.
It's the name of the game isn't it. 

Enough good food balanced with these sweet treats.
Love and Discipline.
Health or Wealth.
Listening and Politely Ignoring - so you can get back to the conversation in your head.
Giggles and D&Ms 
Work. Rest. Play.
To have lovely things, to not fill your life with too much stuff.
Organic/homemade/store bought.

All relative. Each to their own and all. 
But what suits us, me?

I read an article where a girl in New York has given up tossing trash. Trash is for Tossers. In the past two years the trash she had created can fit into a small mason jar - Whaaat?! Using bulk buying and home-made - everything!
The concept superb. Implicating it in a family of four, just too bloody hard for me! 
[note: I do take great pride each week that my rubbish bin is hardly more than 1/3 full].

But at the end of the day if I have the time and space to be pondering such things, I'm doing okay.

That's my Monday Mild Musings.
Thank you for listening [to the voice in your head reading it].