Here we are with the end of another month. I'm claiming it went so fast because it's a short month, you know it would have felt so much longer with an extra 2 or three days.

I feel instead of dwelling on the impending move and what we need to do to organise it. I'm going appreciate all that was in it. 

| So here's my 11 Good Things |

ONE Starting the month off with a bestie and a creative injection, plus good food and a cider - I think every month should start this way!
TWO Our biggest little person starting school. Pretty stoked we kept her alive until school age. High Fives all around.
THREE  Taking in the hot, hot sun. Remembering it's not like that all the time, that those are the days I dream of when all is soggy with days and days of rain.
FOUR Giving the kids backyard showers under the hose, just because we can. 
FIVE Drinking tea on the decking with my folks, looking over the far away city. This will for all time be on my favourites list. There is little better.
SIX Baking school treats, and getting the hang of packed lunches. Baking is therapeutic to me, so is eating. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon in the next 14 years of school. I understand why mum gave us Vegemite sandwiches every day!
SEVEN Taking photos of our darling family friends we grew up with, it's surreal to see them as grown and gorgeous people.
EIGHT Valentine's with my loves. The perfect occasion to count my blessings. It was a good day.
NINE Pizza and wine with my darling husband after the kiddies are in bed, on the Fridays where the weekdays have seemed endless and cooking us dinner is just too hard. Its like a little picnic on our lounge room floor.
TEN  Yesterday to finish of our month.. Going to the library for the first time in at least 10 years, they've got so high tech! My favourite was introducing Amaya, she searched the books and sat on the floor to take in her new finds and would have taken a mountain load home if she could. This makes my heart happy.
ELEVEN Finishing off one month and starting the new month with a long weekend. Yeah!!

Goodbye February, Hello March.