As I hear nattering of the two little people, I snuck around the corner with my camera.
I love the sibling loves..

6 weeks already. 

I don't want to count things down. 
It's just inbuilt in me. 
I count down.
In school it was five min brackets till the next break or home time.
In labour it was 20 second contractions. This particular countdown screamed! 
In everyday it's until coffee or lunch or nap time or daddy's home time. Or weekend.

It's hard though because there are certain things I want to get over and done with in the following weeks and others to hold on tight. 
Little Miss Four starting big school. I thought I couldn't wait, calm from the busy chatterbox. This, the last few weeks I have her before every part of her being is extended and expanded. I saw the huge change it made in my nephew, a great exciting change. Hold on. But still. I count down. 

So for now (and always) I capture these little moments so they are not lost. 
Breathe and take it in. 

Ps. I can now capture your little moments too, just contact me!