Each year as I approach New Year, each one seemingly quicker than the last, nostalgia creeps over me. As we reposition ourselves for a new beginning, a clean slate and a broad horizon waiting to be filled with the unknown, my mind drifts to a place of years gone by.
Silly regret filled (thanks puberty!) 
Love filled.
Anxiety filled.
Little bit to much booze filled!
Years where things turned out so great I just wanna high five myself- boom!
And years I probably could have done a whole lot better.

Above all that though, what I have had and will always have are hope filled and hopeful years. 

About 8 years ago a friend and I were sitting under the Queen Victoria Street Bridge on New Year's Eve, being silly we chose a song that we felt would define our following year (mine was most probably the the time a Lauren Hill or perhaps John Butler Trio tune). Both single and bright eyed ready for good things to come. Several weeks later, together, we booked flights overseas that would change our lives forever. 

The importance is not in a song choice but in the choice to be HOPEFUL and define what your life should be. To fill your year to come with life and life in abundance. 

That at the end you did not merely 'exist'.

Happy Hopeful New Years folks x