So busy. So, so busy.
In the year since our son, and second child, Jack was born we've packed and stored, we flew to Ireland to celebrate weddings and life, and mourn for friends and family. We've moved and unpacked and built up and created and fluffed our new little nest. Well, I preened and pruned and the hubby did the hard work.
Then.. I hit THIRTY!
All whilst being with, taking in and soaking up the life of our little family and the people around us.
And now...
We prepare. We prepare to sell up [which happend in a flash!], pack up, close up and start the next leg of our adventure and journey. Next year we will move back to Ireland, my husbands homeland. We will renovate his house there and to turn it into Our  Home. I will endeavour to become more sustainable as a family...and I will get a donkey! Seriously I'm getting a donkey!

My faith will grow, my hope will continue lift me up and all by the grace of God

And this is us...