Well howdy doody! What a week. 

When we built, we built with purpose. We built with strategy. We had a plan.
Modern, light, open and comfort. You know a sit and drink tea kinda place.
Yeah, we probably over thought it. The phrase 'we don't want to over capitalise' was used in conversation a lot, but the end the product was pretty darn beautiful, I must say!

Same with the plans we had to finish, grass blades perfect, spotless, to put it on the market, to have viewings.
I could see it in lights. 

Instead our almost finished house, with some walls unpainted, a few tiles to go up, lawn amiss and little finishing touches incomplete. SOLD.

Plans changed. 

Instead of the listing, waiting, viewing process. We had interested, viewed, SOLD. Within 4 hours!
WHAT?! Calm the farm... It was meant to be January, very earliest. 
I'm not ready for this....we haven't.. the plan was.. breathe..

Such favour.
Overwhelming favour. I don't know why and most certainly do not deserve it.

He had a plan, He has a plan, hey He even lined up a rental!

So even though our pretty pressed plans changed, gosh I'm excited! 
I get my ever-so-hard-working husband home and free to relax on the weekends, eat breakfast in bed, relax, drink endless tea all without pressing plans, relax! And he gets to spend the time with his kiddies he's longed for over the last months without lingering thoughs of jobs undone. Uninterrupted family time. 

Plus mortgages are totally over-rated!

Oh yeah we move Tuesday week...breathe