I'm Melinda and the Gold part is my middle name, first shared with my grandma and now passed onto my daughter.

Im a West Australian girl, living with my Irish hubby and three darling kiddies in Cavan, Ireland. 

Taking photos has always been part of me since getting my first beautiful Pentax film SLR camera when I was a teenager. I've been working as photographer for over ten years to learning 'on the job' from some very talented photographers and feeling my way to my own style.
I started out in children's studio photography...so, for one I've taken a crap load of kids photos. I know that all kids respond differently, and I'm pretty darn good at working them around.. So you don't have to stress about it.  

I continued on to gain experience in natural light photography..I learnt here this is my passion, people relax more, kids relax more and I love it!

And now its time to express my own vision; for me its not just documenting faces but about capturing the connection between them, the story they have to tell.

Annie Lebovitz said 'A lot can be told in these moments in between those main moments' 
This is the unique story your family has to tell, whether it's in these everyday moments just to remember the little things in life or in your big moments - new life, new love moments. It has to be authentic, it has to be true to you.

Natural light and the best bits of life.

I would love to chat with you and hear the stories you'd like my lens to capture.